Finding That Diary[edit | edit source]

  • Chloe Pico: Aha! Sally’s diary!
  • Sally: ...Did you read my diary? If you did, bad things will happen!
  • Chloe Pico: No!
  • Sally: Let. Me. See!
  • (Sally snatches the diary from Chloe Pico’s hands)
  • Sally: (cries) You lied to me! You really did read it!
  • Chloe Pico: But..I...
  • (Chloe watches Sally pack up her things because Sally knew Chloe Pico read it to everyone.)
  • Sally: Well, I guess it's time to catch the plane.
  • Chloe Pico: Wait! I'm sorry, Sally. Will you ever forgive me?
  • Sally: Oh, yes! (cries with Chloe Pico)
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